SILVER STORK | Unwrapped

We are proud to announce that we were nominated as a Finalist in the NSW Business Excellence category of the 2018 Aus Mumpreneur Awards! And we have been exclusively invited to feature at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards Gifting Suite in Los Angeles! To be recognised for what we do means the world. Thank you to all who have supported us in the past, present... and the future.


Each Silver Stork care package is bespoke. Unique. Just like you, your pregnancy and your baby. And so your package will be tailored to your personal requests, needs and desires during and post-pregnancy (including your child) - containing a mix of up-and-coming boutique breakthroughs, stylish + designer items and long standing trusted brands.

We strive to break the mould of generic mum and baby stuff and seek meaningful gifts that are as unique as the person receiving them. Silver Stork is dedicated to providing an exceptional personalised service so we take pride in curating each and every package.

We are big believers in positive mind = positive experience. It's our way of life. Life is too short for negativity. And there seems to be a stigma that surrounds pregnancy. People can treat it like an illness and therefore women can go through it with a negative mindset. It should be an experience to be embraced. What a super power women have - growing humans! Still blows our mind. Therefore Silver Stork aim to help create the right headspace for an unforgettable 9 months!

A child's development is just as important and so we provide the best there is to support each and every stage in the first year of your bub's life. No more wasting hours of precious time (and money!) shopping around when we deliver all the brain-boosting and skill-building tools that ensure intellectual, creative, and physical growth.

By the way, I'm Caz - the curator. I am a woman, wife, friend, professional and mum. I share my life with my soul mate and our awesome little man, Jimi. I’m a graphic designer with over 20 years experience in the advertising and marketing industry, leading creative departments in exploring creative solutions for a variety of blue-chip clients. I then started up Cazmic Design, catering for anyone and everyone but focusing on helping small businesses establish themselves. But after having Jimi and planning for a 2nd, I started to feel my passion was gravitating towards other things.

In my circle, it seems I am always the ‘go to’. Somehow, I seem to work out the answers. And keep it simple. Whether it’s personal experience, things I’ve read or because I buy and own a ridiculous amount of stuff... I always feel confident in lending a helping hand. To anyone. And I love buying meaningful unique presents for people! Sharing the love of all things wonderful and making people feel special and supported is my passion.

And so, Silver Stork was conceived. Women are bombarded with so much stuff from the moment they find out they are pregnant, all the way up until their baby turns one, when confidence sets in. It's easy to start feeling overwhelmed about it all and then the head starts to spin... So here’s where we step in. We are that friend that mums can turn to for all things indulgent, helpful, beneficial... and simple.

I am a working mum (since Jimi was 2 weeks old - you really have no choice when you run your own business) so totally get what it is to be time poor. If I wasn't feeding, pumping, cooking, working or sleeping, I was desperately trying to squeeze in a shower. I saw that as my 'me' time. But soon realised how important it was to have that time and treat myself. So I made sure I did (thanks hubby!) - I went to get my nails done, had regular massages and saw friends for a catch up. It is so important to keep sense of oneself and not lose your identity as you take on the responsibility of being a mum. Silver Stork makes sure those little luxuries you were used to in your 'past life' are still within easy reach.

We look forward to you joining the Silver Stork family. Where our goal is to create happy mums, happy babies, happy families.