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Purchase a 1-off Care Package for yourself or as a gift for a special someone, including spoiling Dads, supporting a fertility journey, showing some support during a tough time, celebrating an event or a way of saying thank you. You can also subscribe to our Mum To Be or New Mum subscription. Gift cards are also available.


And every package is unique - like every mum, their pregnancy, parenting experience and baby. Unlike other generic subscription and gift boxes that contain irrelevant items to your individual circumstances, SILVER STORK™ packages are tailored to each individual based on a personalised questionnaire, then filled with a relevant mix of full size products and premium-quality items and essentials. We strive to break the mould of generic mum and baby stuff and create gifts that are meaningful and as unique as you.

Products featured are a mix of up-and-coming boutique breakthroughs, stylish + designer items and long standing trusted brands. Each package comes complete with personalised notes explaining why each product is beneficial, along with additional advice, tips, recommendations and home-made remedy recipes depending on your circumstances.

It won’t be long until mum can't remember the last time she went for a manicure or ate a proper meal. We make sure that doesn’t happen. Luxurious life-saving treats await, to be enjoyed during and post-pregnancy. Self-care isn't self-ish... you deserve to be looked after during one of the most challenging and life-changing experiences in your life.

We all know it - new and expecting mums are totally time poor. Working right up till the last minute, they have very little time to spend on themselves or researching what they need before the baby is due. And then the baby arrives early...

Have you seen how much info is out there? What to do, what not to do. It can drive a woman mad... especially a pregnant or new mum! At SILVER STORK™, we believe there is no right or wrong. Just what’s best for mum and bub. We save you time and money by selecting the products you need and will benefit from.

Pregnancy should be fun, exciting and enjoyable. And having a baby is one of life’s greatest gifts. So it’s only right to treat yourself in achieving such a miracle. To look after yourself so you have the best experience possible. To not lose your sense of self as you prepare or become a mum. To give your child the best start in this amazing world we live in.

SILVER STORK™ is the only care package and subscription box service in Australia that caters for new mums, mums to be and the child’s development, that is fully customised to individual needs with a personal touch. Let us guide you every step of the way.

Every SILVER STORK™ care package purchase helps fund COPE's emotional and mental health projects that support and empower women through pre and postnatal periods. COPE supports you as you travel through the emotional journey of pregnancy and early motherhood.

To your door on all orders Australia wide. All part of the exceptional service we provide to make life that little bit easier. Your tailored care package will be winging its way to you in no time so you have more time to spend on yourself and your bub.

Our SILVER STORK™ delivery promise.

Buying for a special someone but not sure what to get? We offer gift cards to suit any budget so you can show your care and support. When redeemed, our questionnaire helps us get to know the recipient so we can curate their perfect care package.

$50, $100, $150 and $220 Gift Cards now available.