How It Works

At SILVER STORK, we love to create the most special gifts possible for Mums to Be, Dads to be, New Mums and Dads and their babies. There is nothing we love more than to know that the gifts we create bring comfort and joy to the person receiving it. Each box we create is filled with hand-picked luxe products and quality essentials, that come from a mix of boutique and trusted brands.

Self care and gifting is special and meaningful, but sometimes finding the perfect gift for someone is challenging. We have a range of Ready To Go Care Packages that are filled with relevant products carefully selected to support the recipient during a specific stage of their pregnancy or new parent journey. We've taken all the work out of sourcing the perfect products, and each item is of the highest quality and from the most trusted brands. Each care package contains exactly what the recipient needs - chosen from our unique range of high end products.

If you can't find a Ready To Go package that suits what you are looking for - the heart of our business is always our Customised Care Packages. Our business and reputation has been built from years of creating completely bespoke and unique packages utilising our signature questionnaire, complete with supporting personalised notes. Place your order and we will send you a questionnaire asking you (or the recipient) a few simple questions which will enable us to create the most special curated box. The answers help us to understand exactly what the recipient is experiencing in their pregnancy or new parent journey and ensures we get the personalisation and selection of products just right.


Every choice made in creating your personalised care package is relevant to your journey, making your bespoke gift as unique as you. Whether you choose the Ready to Go option or the Customised option - each box is filled with love and care, and comes with a fully personalised set of supporting notes explaining the benefits and use of each product included. Every box is created and dispatched next day - with FREE DELIVERY Australia wide.

What better way to care for yourself or someone special throughout the whole pregnancy or first year of the parenthood journey than with a SILVER STORK subscription! The Mum To Be and New Mum subscription packages are curated to suit your/the recipient's individual needs, desires and challenges during pregnancy and motherhood, via our personalised questionnaire. They will feature a mix of hand-picked items and essentials that focus on each of your trimesters and every 3 months in the first year of your child's life.

Once your first order is processed, you will receive an email confirmation followed by a questionnaire (sent to the recipient if requested) which will help us tailor the first care package to suit. You will then receive a payment prompt when your subsequent box is due and once payment has been processed, a follow-up questionnaire will be emailed prior to sending out each additional package in your subscription. This is so we can keep track on your progress and ensure we are sending you relevant products. The continuous gift of love and care that is a SILVER STORK subscription!